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Unique Host/Hostess Gifts: For The “Foodie”

Posted on: November 22, 2010

The following suggestions are for your “foodie” host/hostess who loves his/her subscription to Gourmet, is obsessed with the Food Network, loves to cook and/or eat interesting food, and is always talking about the newest restaurant or kitchen gadget.

Hotel Chocolat is a new “chocolate experience concept store” with a tasting room and elegantly packaged luxury chocolates.  Two stores just opened up in my neck of the woods, but you can also order gifts on-line.  I am loving their Limited Edition Gifts of Cocoa Pasta (penne made with pure unsweetened cocoa) and Hacienda Iara Organic 72% Dark with Chili and Pink Peppercorns chocolate (tastes just as good as it looks!) and so will your “foodie” friend with a sweet tooth!

Cocoa Pasta


Hacienda Iara Organic 72% Dark with Chili & Pink Peppercorns


Most “foodies” have bookshelves filled with the latest cookbooks from their favorite celebrity chefs.  Why not get your host/hostess a unique vintage cookbook to add to their collection?  You can find some cool finds at your local used bookstore or on-line at Amazon, e-Bay, or etsy, to name a few.

Vintage 1912 Lowney’s Cook Book

These Andy Warhol Desserts Recipe Portfolio Note Cards have colorful illustrations and quotes by the artist himself on the front, and recipes from New York’s famous dessert shop, Serendipity, on the inside!

The natural hand-harvested Herb Braids from Sur la table will be the gift that keeps on giving for your “foodie” host/hostess.  The recipient of these beautiful braids can use the herbs in cooking or just hang up as a decoration for years to come!

Herb Braids

Last, but not least, the exceptional Pure White Gold Honey from Teavana is supposedly the “world’s best tasting honey.”  Your host/hostess will appreciate this creamy and mild honey that tastes great in “any tea without altering its taste.”

Pure White Gold Honey

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1 Response to "Unique Host/Hostess Gifts: For The “Foodie”"

As a self-described “foodie”, these gifts sound pretty great to me!

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